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A Professional Grout Cleaning Service in Wellesley Helped a Landlord Preserve His Property's Rental Value

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January 16, 2019

Most who venture into buying a rental property don't have a clear picture of the pros and cons that come with the territory. The thought of an extra source of income is attractive to them, making them fail to see all the time and money necessary to maintain a rental property. This was the case with a landlord from Massachusetts, who became overwhelmed with the dilemma of having to repair his property after some heavy wear and tear from former tenants. Luckily, our hard surface experts from Sir Grout of Greater Boston performed a Grout Cleaning service in Wellesley to help preserve this house's rental value.

Before and after Picture of These Tile Surfaces after a Grout Cleaning Service in Wellesley, MA

The Problem

This woman from Wellesley decided to try renting a property. She did her best to fulfill all her duties as a landlord and even went the extra mile. Everything seemed to run smoothly. The real problem arose when her renters decided to move elsewhere, and she had to look for new tenants. The departing occupants didn't do a good job cleaning the shower and kitchen tile surfaces. Seeing that this could affect the property's rental value, she sat down with the former tenants and both parties agreed on using the deposit to repair the damages.

Now knowing her budget, the young landlord went online to explore her possibilities. During her search, she stumbled upon our website. She browsed through our before and after section and read several of our former customer reviews. It didn't take long to convince her that our hard surface restoration services were just what her income property needed. She booked an in-site inspection for the next available date.

Sir Grout of Greater Boston's Assessment

On the set date, our tile experts arrived at the young woman's rental property to take a look at the tarnished surfaces. They began by inspecting the shower, where they immediately spotted dirt accumulation between the tiles. Also, portions of grout were missing. They found similar problems with the tile in the kitchen. They explained this problem was most likely due to the use of soap-based cleaners and improper cleaning methods.

As a solution, our experts proposed performing a full grout cleaning process, followed by a grout sealing on both tile surfaces. This would successfully get rid of the dirt and restore the grout lines, giving everything a uniform color. Happy with the assessment, the landlord agreed to our proposal and booked the next available date for the job to take place.

Before and after Picture of a Grout Cleaning Service in Wellesley, MA

The Cleaning and Sealing Process

On the agreed upon date, our technicians arrived to get the job under way. They got prepped and began with our proprietary Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. They let it sit for a couple of minutes to loosen the dirt between the tiles and to let its properties act upon the surface. Once the dirt was loose, our techs removed all traces of it with a high-speed scrubber.

After the techs were finished cleaning, they hand dried the entire kitchen floor and applied the sealant. They poured ColorSeal over the grout lines. This special sealant serves as a protective layer that shields and restores the grout, making it more resistant to scratches, stains, dirt accumulation, and even water. It also gives it a uniform look throughout the entire surface and allows customers to choose a custom color for aesthetics purposes.

Our experts performed a similar method in the shower. They used a vapor steam cleaner to clean those hard-to-reach places. The grout on these walls were also sealed using our special ColorSeal sealant. But opposed to what they did on the kitchen floor, they restored the grout to its original white.

The Results and Our Experts' Advice

Once the job was done, our technicians gave the landlord a quick tour of the restored areas, so she could see the results. They explained every detail of the procedure they had performed on both tile surfaces and gave her the following care and maintenance tips to help her preserve them in tip-top shape for time to come:
  • Opt for soap-free cleaners when cleaning tile and grout surfaces. Soap-based cleaners tend to leave a sticky residue on the tiles and grout that can attract dirt and can cause dirt accumulation.

  • Clean your tile and grout surfaces with pH-neutral cleaners. Using acid, alkaline, or petroleum-based cleaners can break down and damage the grout. Products that contain stronger chemicals are only recommended in extreme cases.

  • We recommend using a cleaner such as Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. It is soap-free, pH- neutral, and even has properties that are proven to safely clean your hard surfaces.

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