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This Homeowner Was Grateful After Our Tile Sealing in Natick, MA Totally Changed the Appearance of the Shower and Foyer

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May 25, 2018

Our next customer is a hard-working woman that made the decision to move after she accepted a job offer. She started looking for the best option on the market for her new home and found a property online. After seeing the photos, she decided the home met her needs. She made an appointment to visit the house, but after viewing it, she was not so sure about buying it because she noticed the master shower was full of dirt and soap scum. Additionally, the foyer floor was very grimy and stained. She needed some time to reconsider the house, but the realtor told her she only had a few days because other people were going to be looking at it as well.

Before and After Picture of a Shower Tile Sealing Service in Natick, Massachusetts
The woman wanted a second opinion about the property, so she called a friend who lived near the neighborhood and explained the situation. Her friend looked at the photos and said he knew the perfect solution. He told her about the company to solve the issue and suggested she buy the house before it was too late. She was not totally convinced, so she asked more friends and most of them recommended our tile sealing services in Natick, MA.

While browsing online, she searched for more details about the problems in the new home and how to fix them by herself, but after seeing DIY videos tutorials, she changed her mind. She also found out interesting information about the surfaces, especially about the red slate installed on the foyer floor of the house. Among all the articles and different sources, she read several things about the material:
  • Style: Choosing slate floor tiles is choosing a natural and unique material. There are many colors and multi colors available when you want to pick up the right one for your home.

  • Durability: Slate is one of the strongest natural stone materials, and due to its durability is crack-, scratch- and break- resistant. Additionally, if it is properly maintained, it can last for decades, saving the owner the trouble of removing or replacing it in the long term.

  • Value: Thinking as a long-term investment, slate is not just durable but installing slate in a house certainly adds a real estate value t if the homeowner decides or needs to sell the property.
After reading all that information, the woman was almost convinced to buy the house. On the other hand, she searched for a solution to the bathroom problem as well and found that the stains on the surface were common issues in showers. Her friend told her she could verify the quality of Sir Grout of Greater Boston's work by checking the company's website, so she searched for it and she read the positive reviews and checked out the latest outcomes achieved by our experts. After this, she was totally convinced that after buying the house, we were the right company to restore both the shower and the foyer floor, so she placed a call and set up a date for a free in-home evaluation.

Before and After Picture of a Shower Tile Sealing in Natick, Massachusetts
A few days later, after the customer finished the moving process, our team of experts came to the house at the scheduled assessment of the surfaces, and also to offer the most effective solution to restore them. They first evaluated the slate floor located in the foyer, where they immediately identified the problem and explained that maybe other homeowners had applied wrong products and methods during all those years, which had contributed to the bad condition of the floor. They examined the shower and explained that the same thing happened there—incorrect cleaners and methods, plus the use of soap bars. Our technicians told her to not worry. They offered a complete tile sealing job to fix the problem in both areas. She accepted the proposal right away and scheduled another date for the job.

Our specialists came back to the owner's home to begin the cleaning process. They chose to restore the shower first. They applied a soap-less tile cleaner all over the surface and used a gentle scrubber to remove the dirt and the grime on the floor and walls. In addition, they used vapor steam to ensure eliminating the mold and mildew from the shower.

When the tiles were cleaned, they applied our proprietary tile sealant—Tile Armor. Our professionals explained that this is a unique, non-toxic, water-based sealer product to protect and shield the tiles against stains and spills. Tile Armor will not alter the appearance of the surface and makes future cleaning easier.

They repeated the procedure in the foyer, where our team applied all their knowledge to get rid of the unattractive stains and dullness of the red slate. Then, to finish it, they used Tile Armor as well.

The job was done in both areas and everything was ready for the woman to see. She was thrilled with the outcome because the shower looked brand-new and the red slate floor was completely transformed. After getting her beautiful house, she never imagined our services would give a great appearance to both surfaces, so she mentioned that she would recommend our services to anyone experiencing these types of problems. She even wanted to leave us a positive review:

Before leaving, our specialists gave her a few tips of maintenance to keep the surfaces in top-notch condition. They recommended never using soap-based products due to the damages caused to the sealer. Instead, she could use pH-neutral cleaners for her routines. They also suggested not using acid-based cleaners because they etch and dull the tiles. They also told her to keep the shower well ventilated to avoid mold and mildew growth.

Do not let your hard surfaces accumulate dirt or anything that might affect its appearance. To keep this from happening, Sir Grout of Greater Boston is the right company for you! Do not hesitate to call us at (781) 899-0388 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form on the website to schedule an in-home consultation. To keep up to date with our latest promotions, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

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