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This Black Tiled Floor Stands Out Again Thanks to a Grout Recoloring Service in Bedford, MA

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July 21, 2017

Nothing says modern like black tiling. Almost the entire floor of this house in Bedford, Massachusetts was covered in black, ceramic tiles. When first installed a few years back, the grout around the tiles was pristine white to contrast the tiles; however, as time passed, it became dark and unappealing. Despite the efforts of the homeowner to whiten the grout by cleaning it once in a while, it would become dark again in a matter of days. Her numerous failed attempts forced her to seek for a professional grout recoloring company in Bedford that could help her bring back the white grout lines on her floor.

This Black Tiled Floor Stands Out Again Thanks to a Grout Recoloring Service in Bedford, MA
To find the perfect company, the Bedford resident turned to the website she trusted the most: Angie's List. She always visited this online review site when she needed to hire a particular home improvement company, and that is how she found out about Sir Grout of Greater Boston. Our profile appeared as one of the best grout restoration companies in Boston and it guided the homeowner to our website, where she read the testimonials about our previous jobs near her area. Amazed by the results of grout recoloring and sealing services for ceramic tiles, she decided to give us a call and schedule a free, in-home consultation to see if we could do the same makeover for her black-tiled floors.

As we usually do, we received her call and gladly set up an appointment at the client's convenience. When that day arrived, we went to Bedford to check out the floor the homeowner talked to us about over the phone.

Black is a bold move when it comes to house tiling, yet this homeowner's taste was astonishing—the black floor combined perfectly with the architecture, the décor, and the furniture of the house. However, as we learned from the client during the inspection, the original design had white grout instead of gray. We could see that the grout lines were covered in layers of embedded dirt and grime, giving it a dark, unattractive appearance.

Usually, improper cleaning methods such as not rinsing the floor or using soap-based cleaners are the reasons why grout gets dirty so often. The homeowner was tired of trying different kinds of detergents that did not keep the dirt away and contribute to the grout's discoloration instead. She asked us if, besides the cleaning, we could do something to make the floor easier to clean.

Our skilled technicians had already worked out a restoration plan to renew the house's surface: we proposed a grout cleaning to remove the dirt and a recoloring service using Sir Grout's ColorSeal, a product that would seal the grout and make it uniformly white. We carefully explained how this procedure worked and once she learned the benefits, she agreed and scheduled an appointment for us to start working on the floor.

Our hard surface restorers returned to Bedford within the following days to begin the procedure. Before the recoloring service, we made sure to deeply clean and remove the grime stuck in the grout lines. To do this, we used Sir Grout's tile and grout cleaner with a high-speed, gentle scrubber all over the surface, from the living room to the hallway and the bedrooms. Usually, detergents sold at local drugstores are soap-based, which leave a sticky residue that traps dirt, especially in grout. Our cleaners are soap-less and non-toxic, removing the grime without damaging the surface.

Once the floor was clean and dry, we proceeded with the recoloring process. In most cases, grout's color is inconsistent even when first applied. To achieve a uniform color, we use ColorSeal—a thick, water-based, acrylic sealer that is also tinted, and it comes in a variety of colors the client can choose from. Our technicians carefully and skillfully applied the sealer to each grout line. For this case, we used our whitest shade.

After a long day of work, we were able to finish the grout restoration the same day we started! The client couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the results. The grout was no longer a dirty, grayish tone. Instead, it was plain white all throughout the surface. The client told us she loved it even more than when the floor was first installed. Thanks to ColorSeal, the grout lines had become water-, mold-, mildew- and stain resistant. In other words, maintaining the floor clean would be much easier from then on.

Before leaving, we gave the Bedford resident the following cleaning tips to prevent grout from darkening again. Even though ColorSeal had made grout more resistant and easier to clean, it still needed maintenance. First, we suggested to swap the cleaner she had bought at a local hardware store for a pH-neutral, soap-less cleaner; this kind won't leave a sticky residue that traps dirt and since its pH is neutral, it won't break down grout like acidic or alkaline cleaners might. When cleaning, she should let the floor soak for a few minutes to emulsify the dirt and then rinse deeply to remove all the dirt along with the cleaner. Also, when mopping the floor, we recommended to always use a clean mop.

Do you want your floors to look beautiful again? Your tiled surfaces can benefit greatly from a grout recoloring. With our ColorSeal process, we can make grout the color you want! For more information about this or any other of our hard surface restoration services, call us at (781) 899-0388, we will gladly assist you and answer all your questions. If you want to schedule a free, in-home consultation today, fill out the "Request a Quote" form on this website. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive first-hand our latest news.

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