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That White Chalky Build Up in Your Shower Is Efflorescence, Read How It Was Removed with a Tile Cleaning in Waban, MA

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February 28, 2018

Efflorescence is a very usual problem seen in bathrooms with stone tile and various other types. When those hard, white spots show up in your home, it's a bad sign: water is penetrating the surface and we all know how dangerous water damage can be for a home. This homeowner didn't know how harmful the efflorescence could be and the damage it could cause to her bathroom until she received a friend's visit and he warned the woman about it. He told her that he used to have the same problem in his bathroom and that she should find professional help right away. The owner's friend explained to her that the efflorescence shouldn't be ignored, as it was the result of a water problem in her home.

Before and After Picture of a Shower Tile Cleaning Service in Waban, Massachusetts
After that warning, the woman felt very concerned about her bathroom's floor, so she asked her friend what company he hired to solve the problem. He talked about the wonderful job Sir Grout of Greater Boston had made with a tile cleaning service, with which the efflorescence was eliminated from his bathroom. The owner was very curious about the company, so she wanted to know everything about it. She decided to search on the Internet and wrote on the browser: Waban tile cleaning and in fact, Sir Grout of Greater Boston was among the top results. She went to our website and read some testimonials from our previous customers and in the picture gallery section she could look at the pictures some of the jobs we have performed. She was really impressed to see all the restorations, and she realized that kind of problem was more common than she thought. After the woman talked to his husband, they both agreed with the decision of requesting a free in-home quote.

Our team of specialists in hard surface restoration, visited the house on the scheduled day, to make a deep evaluation of the bathroom. They could see it was a ceramic tile shower stall, which floor had evident signs of efflorescence, from one of the corners to the middle of the surface. When this happens, water must be present to carry the minerals to the surface, evaporate and let the salts behind. Once the water dissolves the minerals inside the stone, they are drawn out of the small pores inside the stone. After water is left sitting on masonry, cold and dry air pulls liquid out of the stone surface, leaving the hard-salty growth on top. It most often forms in winter. Despite the tile was in good condition, there were mold and mildew stuck to the grout lines, with a dark appearance, caused by the humidity of the shower. Once the assessment was done, our experts explained the diagnose to the owner, then proposed her a solution plan based on a professional tile cleaning service that included: efflorescence removal, deep tile and grout cleaning, angle joints caulking repair and finally, grout sealing. The couple agreed with the specialists, so they set a day to perform the job.

The scheduled day, our team of techs returned to the house and was ready to have the job done. The first step was to spray an appropriate cleaner and let it soak for a few minutes to wait for it to dissolve efflorescence, built up by the soap scum and mineral residues on the shower floor and walls. After the efflorescence was all removed technician proceeded to deep clean the surfaces with a high-speed scrubber and vacuum machine to sanitize and remove soil, soap, scum, efflorescence, mold, and mildew. This prepared the surface for the next step. With the shower stall completely cleaned, our experts continued with the next step of the process: caulking service to all angle joints using Litokol Epoxy grout, to repair the damaged grout of the shower stall corners. To finish the work our team applied a layer of Sir Grout of Greater Boston's Epoxy ColorSeal all over the walls and the floor surface. This product is a sealant, specially designed to create a shield layer on grout lines, that repels and blocks liquids from penetrating the grout's surface. It is also extra tough, which makes it perfect for a humid environment like bathrooms and showers. Other advantages of this sealant, is that it makes the surface easier to clean and comes in different colors, so clients can choose their favorite shade and match it to their tile.

Before and After Picture of a Shower Tile Cleaning in Waban, Massachusetts
The restoration job was done, so it was time for the homeowners to see the results. They were completely amazed to see the new appearance of the bathroom. The wife expressed her gratitude to our technicians while the husband was admiring the shower and thanked them with a handshake. The couple was really pleased with the outcome and mentioned they would tell friends and family about the exceptional service they had done. As they usually do, our specialists in hard surface restoration gave the homeowners a list of recommendations to maintain the appearance of the shower.

  • Apply a pH-neutral soap-less floor cleaner as Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner liberally to your tile and grout, let it soak for 5 minutes, then mop as usual.
  • Apply a pH-neutral soap-less floor cleaner as Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner liberally to your tile and grout, let it soak for 5 minutes, then mop as usual.
  • Use undiluted cleaners on the areas where dirt has accumulated the most.
  • Always dry surfaces with a squeegee to remove dirty water and cleaner residue that can settle in the concave grout lines. Otherwise, once the liquids evaporate, dirt will be left behind.
  • Keep the shower stalls enclosures well ventilated. Stagnant water breeds stain-causing mildew as well as other fungi. All vertical and horizontal joints/corners should be caulked with mildew-resistant caulk.
  • We don't recommend Using soap-based cleaners on tiles. It leaves behind a film, dulls the surface, and promotes mildew.
  • You should not use acid- or ammonia-based cleaners because they could affect the color of the grout or etch and dull tiles, so do not use a vinegar and water mixture because vinegar is acidic.
  • Do not steel wool or other abrasives on the tile. They can scratch and dull the surface.
If you see a white, powdery residue on your stone, it may be a sign of efflorescence. It's a clear indication of water damage. The sooner you catch it, the fewer repairs you'll have to do. At Sir Grout of Greater Boston, our professionals are experts at identifying efflorescence and will solve it with the best restoration methods and products. Give Sir Grout of Greater Boston a call to discover if what you're seeing is efflorescence or mold. Do not hesitate to contact us by calling us at (781) 899-0388 or fill out the form on this website for a free, in-home consultation.

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