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Stone Cleaning Makes Boston Customer's Shower Shine Again

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August 28, 2015

"So pleased with the work. It looks incredible. Thank you so much!"

To get such a response from a satisfied customer is always a reward in itself. For Sir Grout of Greater Boston, utilizing the latest techniques, technologies, and tools to turn an old, faded stone tile shower into a luxurious and brand-new-looking walk-in is a reward unlike any other.

Chris Flaherty is a typical Bostonian -- every day, he battles traffic on the daily commute to his job, works hard, comes home, takes in a few innings of a Red Sox game, goes to sleep and repeats the routine the next day. The stone-tiled walk-in shower in his bathroom is a workhorse, just like Chris -- the abuse of daily showers, dirt and moisture bombarded the delicate stone and grout lines for years. As the years went by, Chris started noticing that the stone tiles were slowly turning dull and opaque while the grout lines were darkening and cracking. Chris tried scrubbing his shower and applying cleaning agents, but nothing seemed to help. Realizing that he was doing more harm than good by scrubbing the delicate stone with harsh chemicals, Chris searched for Boston stone cleaning and grout recoloring services, and found Sir Grout of Greater Boston. After seeing Sir Grout's positive reviews, and asking around about the company, Chris called Sir Grout of Greater Boston to find out how Sir Grout's stone and grout cleaning experts could help get his shower back to what it looked like when he moved in.

Dirt, grime and moisture can seep into the microscopic pores of the stone and remain there. Tap water contains chemicals and minerals that can stain and discolor the stone, while the onslaught of moisture and dirt particles can dry out and discolor grout lines. Cleaning and scrubbing stone does nothing to get the dirt and moisture out, and does not polish the microscopically-uneven surface. Chris was right to avoid more damage to his shower -- harsh chemicals and scrubbing can damage the delicate surface even further! To get his shower back to what he believed it should look like, Chris made the right choice by contracting Sir Grout of Greater Boston -- Sir Grout has years of experience and the proper tools to restore Chris's shower, stone tile, and grout to their former state!

On the day of the job, Sir Grout's trained, professional stone cleaning and grout recoloring team arrived at Chris Flaherty's house to do a thorough assessment of the damage and determine the scope of work. To polish the stone, the team used a proprietary process. The process combines the right chemicals with polishing or buffering tools to grind down the damaged layer of the stone tiles, and get it back to its former smooth, glossy surface. Upon inspecting the grout lines, the team determined that recoloring the grout with a lighter color would work well with the dark color of the stone, and chose to go with a light-tinted ColorSeal. ColorSeal is a tinted sealer that fills dirt-trapping pores on grout lines, providing a water-resistant layer that protects grout. Sir Grout turns to ColorSeal for grout recoloring jobs of various size and scope, and considers it one of the best sealers for the job.

The project was done, and Chris Flaherty was ecstatic! His shower was back to being clean, glossy, and new-looking!

For a professional stone cleaning and grout recoloring, turn to the Boston area stone cleaning experts -- Sir Grout of Greater Boston. Fill out the form below to contact Sir Grout for a free evaluation today!

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