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Soap Scum No More! Look How This Bathroom in Newtonville, MA Was Brought Back to Life after a Professional Tile Cleaning Service

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October 25, 2017

Bathrooms are one of the busiest areas of any house. They are exposed to dirt, heavy foot traffic, soap scum, and high levels of humidity. That is why it is crucial to follow an appropriate maintenance routine that helps preserve their surfaces. It is imperative to know the type of material used to build your bathroom, so you can select the right cleaning routine and products that won't harm its surfaces. Tile is a very popular choice among homeowners as it can handle years of usage. However, incorrect maintenance can result in severe deterioration. This homeowner's tile bathroom is an example of how applying incorrect cleaning products and techniques can damage tile surfaces. Fortunately, she would soon learn about a company offering professional tile cleaning in Newtonville, MA —her hometown.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Cleaning Service in Newtonville, MA
A little context: Getting to know the client
This Newtonville resident's home was always as clean as a whistle. The only problem was her bathroom, which had become hideous over time. It had hard water stains, soap scum, mineral deposits, and damaged caulk lines. Plus, it had a musty smell due to the mold growing in the grout lines. The owner felt really frustrated—she had used every cleaning product available on the market, but nothing had worked. In fact, the situation seemed to be getting worse as time went by. The homeowner stopped inviting friends and family to her home because of her bathroom's appearance. She also stopped using the tub, even though taking a hot bath was how she relaxed after hard days. The woman knew she had to look for a solution soon, but she didn't have any idea where to start.

Our client turned to her brother for advice. He was an experienced realtor and had gotten to know several restoration companies. She was sure he could give her guidance. Her brother immediately recommended Sir Grout of Greater Boston. He said he had hired us before and told her about our professionalism. The homeowner decided to visit our website and schedule a free in-home consultation.

An expert eye: Assessing the surface
On the day of the evaluation, our team arrived at our client's home. The experts took a look at the bathroom to determine what procedures they would need to perform in order to restore the surface. They told the owner it would be necessary to deeply clean the tile surface. Then they would have to color seal the grout lines. And, finally, they would repair the caulk lines. The homeowner agreed, so we set a date to perform the service.

Grout: Main characteristics and vulnerabilities
Ceramic tiles are very tough and can last a long time if they are properly maintained. Grout is a necessary part of installing this kind of surface. This mortar-like material is used to fill in the space between the tiles. Grout's main vulnerability is its porosity, as liquids can permeate its surface. Such seepage can carry oil, acid, dirt, and other components into the grout, resulting in stained, cracked, chipped, and crumbling grout. The only way to prevent these liquids from seeping into the tile surface is by sealing the grout lines.

Mineral deposits: Signs of deterioration and consequences
Hard water is rich in dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals go through your faucets and into your home. They can build up on your hard surfaces, especially on those that are highly exposed to hard water, such as showers, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets. This can leave stains that affect the appearance of your hard surfaces. Most homeowners try to take care of the problem by themselves, making the situation worse. This homeowner, for example, had used acid-based cleaners that can scratch and dull the surface.

Stage 1: Thorough cleaning
Our team returned on the day of the appointment and was ready to perform the multistage procedure. The first step involved thoroughly cleaning the surface. Our experts used the appropriate cleaning products combined with a high-speed scrubber, which removed the dirt, soap scum, and mineral deposits from the tiles and grout lines. Then they used vapor steam cleaning for the stubborn areas, making sure they eliminated the mold and mildew. This prepared the surface for the second and third steps of the process.

Stage 2: Color sealing the surface
The hard surface restorers continued with the second step of the process. This stage consisted of sealing the grout lines. The technicians applied a layer of Sir Grout's Epoxy ColorSeal. This step needs to be performed very carefully. Only the most skilled technicians are able to only apply the product on the grout lines, preventing stains. This step specifically protects the grout lines, preventing future damage.

ColorSeal: Main features
Epoxy ColorSeal is Sir Grout's proprietary grout sealant. It is especially designed to create a protective layer on grout that repels spills and blocks liquids from permeating the grout's surface. This top-notch grout sealant is extra tough, which makes it perfect for damp places like bathrooms and showers. Another advantage of ColorSeal is that it makes the surface easier to clean as spills bead on the grout line. Also, Epoxy ColorSeal comes in different colors, enabling homeowners to pick their preferred shade and match it to their tiles.

Stage 3: Caulking
The third and final stage of this procedure was to repair the caulk lines surrounding the bathtub and on the wall joints. For this part of the process, the experts removed the old caulk and applied a new layer. They used epoxy caulk to seal the bathroom's enclosure and the joint between the tub and the floor.

Caulking: Main uses
Caulk is a thick sealant that is applied to wedge-shaped joints to prevent water damage. The most common surfaces that need caulking are tile and stone flooring, shower enclosures, the seam between vanity tops and backsplashes, and joints around bathtubs. Caulk is designed to seal any gap or fissure that could allow liquids to permeate under tiles. It keeps the surface dry, preventing larger water problems and costly repairs.

A successful outcome: Another happy customer
Once the surface was clean, the experts showed the homeowner the results. She was thrilled to see the new look of her bathroom. The woman thanked the team with a handshake while admiring the outcome. She was so happy that she left a review thanking us for the new appearance of her bathroom.

Faith P - Newtonville, MASeptember 05, 2017

Chris, the bathroom looks great! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself! Jimmy did a great job. Please thank him for me again. I will not hesitate to recommend Sir Grout to anyone who asks.


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