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Read How a Tumbled Marble Floor in Shrewsbury, MA Looked Impeccable after a Stone Cleaning

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August 01, 2016

Most people think of marble as a nice touch for a stylish home. This stone can be adapted to the finish people want. Marble can either be honed, with a soft, uniform finish, or it can be tumbled, which has a cleft, uneven surface. No matter the finish, it can always make home areas look extraordinary and more stylish. This couple from Shrewsbury, MA chose a tumbled marble floor that was filled with grout in the pitted areas. It looked beautiful in the beginning, but time and use are very harmful for grout. The once eye-catching marble beauty had become stained, discolored, and dull, with cracked and crumbling grout.

Before and After Picture of Stone Cleaning Perfomed on Tumbled Marble Floor in Shrewsbury, MA
The sight of their dingy marble floor made these homeowners feel miserable. They couldn't bear the idea of not being able to clean it, even though they had tried different traditional solutions and products. Their friends and family had recommended a wide range of remedies, from vinegar to industrial cleaners. Nevertheless, the floor seemed to be dirtier after each cleaning session. They decided to go online and browse the web for Shrewsbury stone cleaning services to get rid of the dirt and stains that were taking away the attractiveness of their floor, which was when they found Sir Grout of Greater Boston's professional stone cleaning services in their residential area.

They called the local phone number and made an appointment for an in-home consultation. Our experts arrived at the agreed time and did the required inspection. They suggested a stone cleaning service to remove all the embedded grime, as well as a grout restoration and a color sealing job to revive the floor's appearance and obtain long-lasting results.

Grout is a highly porous material. Dirt and spills can easily permeate its surface, soling its appearance and causing stains. Whenever you install grout, it is imperative to seal it, guaranteeing a water-, stain-, mold-, and mildew-resistant surface for much longer. Grout sealing prevents dirt from seeping into your grout for as long as possible.

Our team of trained specialists began the floor restoration by carrying out a cleaning procedure. They thoroughly scrubbed the floor with alkaline products to remove all the dirt and sediment off the surface. After, they drilled holes in the grout around the areas where it was cracked to fill them with the bonding adhesive Fix-A-Floor, which would secure and prevent future movement of the tiles. They finished the job by color sealing the surface to match the tiles' color.

When our professionals finished the service, the marble surface looked amazingly clean. The beautiful marble tiles were impeccable, and the homeowners were very pleased with the results. They thanked the team for what they called a fabulous job and told them it was incredibly close to the original color.

Even though stone is a hard material, it needs specific maintenance to prevent deterioration. It is necessary to apply stone-safe products on a periodic basis, avoiding abrasive products that could cause your precious surface to become damaged and dull. Not only will you preserve its original, eye-catching appearance by using correct maintenance techniques and products, but you'll also avoid an expensive floor replacement. Keep in mind how much and how long you have been using the surface especially if they are in busy areas of your home to determine when and how to clean it.

If your marble surface looks dull, dingy, or etched, it is time for a restoration. Sir Grout of Greater Boston is the perfect choice for a professional stone cleaning service. We offer convenient, cost-effective, and quick results at a fair price. We guarantee great customer service with innovative products, processes, and equipment. Contact us by calling Sir Grout of Greater Boston or filling in the form on our website.

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