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Kitchen Porcelain Floor Looks Spotless After a Grout Recoloring Job in West Newton

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July 13, 2016

Porcelain is a trendy flooring choice for kitchens - it evokes high quality and elegance. Over time, the beautiful white grout lines accumulate dirt and mildew, giving them a brownish and unaesthetic look. A beautiful porcelain floor with dirty grout lines is the perfect combination… for an undesirable kitchen. That was the case for this West Newton homeowner. She didn't know how to maintain her porcelain floor and grout, so now her porcelain kitchen floor looked dirty and dull. She loved to cook, and one of her main motivators was her beautiful kitchen. Now that her kitchen didn't have the charm it used to have, she didn't feel as satisfied while cooking there.

Kitchen Porcelain Floor Looks Spotless After a Grout Recoloring Job in West Newton
She was passionate about cooking, but cleaning wasn't her thing. She did routine cleaning in her home, but she wasn't aware that she had to change the mop water frequently to prevent the dirt from getting stuck in the grout's porous surface, which gave it a dirty and dull appearance. She tried cleaning it with normal household cleaning products and even bleach, but nothing seemed to bring back her lovely white grout. She needed her beautiful porcelain kitchen back with all its charm, so she decided to look for a local West Newton grout recoloring service, and came across Sir Grout of Greater Boston. Once she went through the services, reviews, and awards, she knew she was in the right place and decided to book an appointment.

Fortunately, Sir Grout of Greater Boston would come to her rescue so she could keep enjoyning her kitchen. When they arrived at her home, they saw that the once white-colored grout lines were now brownish due to dirt buildup. Cleaning the porcelain floor with over-the-counter cleaning products and not changing the mop water frequently were among the factors responsible for the brownish color of her grout. It was nothing that Sir Grout's West Newton grout recoloring technicians couldn't handle. Grout is a very porous material - especially if not properly sealed – and absorbs everything that it comes in contact with, becoming discolored or stained. Cleaning it with a dirty mop just spreads the dirty water over the floor and the grout absorbs it, making the problem worse.

Sir Grout's professional cleaning team started to clean the porcelain floor and the grout using a special pH-neutral cleaner. Then, they deep cleaned and removed dirt from the grout using a gentle high-speed scrubber. Once they finished the thorough cleaning process, they were ready to bring back the grout to its former condition and make it look like new. They decided to apply ColorSeal, the most popular and effective grout recoloring treatment in West Newton, in the same color as her original grout. ColorSeal doesn't only recolor your grout, it also makes it stain, water, mold, and mildew resistant. Once the job was finished, our professional team showed the homeowner the results. She was mesmerized and totally confident that she would be able to enjoy her kitchen again. The final result was beautiful white grout lines that highlighted her porcelain floor. Take a look at the amazing results below and you will be as surprised as this homeowner!

Sir Grout's team gave her some simple recommendations to maintain her floor. First, she had to clean only with pH-neutral and soap-less detergents, and then she had to frequently change the mop water and cleanse the mop to make sure that both were always clean.

Does your grout resemble the one in the images above? Have you tried everything to bring it back to its natural color? If your cleaning methods don't seem to give your grout a clean look, you need Sir Grout's re-coloring service with ColorSeal to make your grout look as good as new. Call us today at (781) 899-0388 or fill out the form below to schedule a free evaluation! You can also sign up for our newsletter.

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