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Homeowner Has Her Bathroom Ceiling Sealed and Protected With Our Grout Sealing Services in Medford

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January 05, 2024

There aren't many options for restoring a bathroom's appearance when the grout is dirty and unprotected. Even though this homeowner attempted to keep up with her bathroom's look, the stains on the ceiling, particularly those covering the grout, grew increasingly difficult to remove. The dampness had taken its toll on all of the ceiling, causing the grout lines to appear neglected. Fortunately, our grout sealing services in Medford, MA, saved the day once again.

Bathroom ceiling Before and After Our Grout Sealing in Medford, MA
After repeated efforts, the homeowner gave up on scrubbing the dirt off her tiles, worried that the products she used might cause further harm. The homeowner went online to discover a company in her area that suited her expectations, knowing that obtaining professional help was the safest alternative. She came across Sir Grout of Greater Boston and was astounded by the results displayed in the before and after picture gallery. What she saw was exactly what she was looking for. She called us to discuss the matter and set up an appointment for an in-home consultation.

On the day of the evaluation, our experts discovered that soil had seeped throughout the grout, coating the majority of it in a dingy black film. Furthermore, the bathroom tiles were not in great shape. Our team talked about how moisture buildup increases the growth of mold, fungi, and soil, which causes surfaces to deteriorate much more quickly.

Bathroom Before and After Our Grout Sealing in Medford, MA
Because most generic cleaners contain acidic characteristics, they exacerbate the situation by adding to the discoloration of the tiles. Our technicians explained the best course of action while addressing all of the areas that required our attention. Professional equipment was needed to completely remove all of the soil from the bathroom's ceiling and all of the grout lines needed to be sealed to prevent new stains. The client was on board with our offer and hired us to seal the grout.

Our crew returned on time to repair the client's bathroom. To remove the soap scum and soil that had stuck to the ceiling, we used a pH-neutral cleaner. There are no acidic properties in our cleaner, so it won't harm your hard surfaces. Instead, it uses a combination of high-quality chemicals to remove the soil and other exterior substances in a matter of minutes. The bathroom was then steam cleaned to remove all of the encrusted filth.

Bathroom Surfaces Before and After Our Grout Sealing in Medford, MA
We were ready to begin sealing the grout, so we used Sir Grout's Color Seal on the grout lines all over the ceiling. Because it wards off water, dirt, grime, and other external elements that could penetrate into the grout's pores, our acrylic-based sealant is the ideal protection for keeping the grout spotless for longer. We used epoxy grout to finish the bathroom joint repairs, strengthening the joint's protection and allowing it to survive slow degradation.

When the owner returned, the bathroom had been restored to its former glory. The client was ecstatic with the outcome and pledged to tell all of her family about Sir Grout of Greater Boston. She also asked if we could give her any advice, so we provided the client with a few recommendations to help her with her cleaning regimen in the future. To clean her bathroom's ceiling, we suggested using pH-neutral cleaners like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner.

Our product is suitable for hard surfaces since it has no harsh components that could discolor your tiles if you let water, soap scum, or other liquids seep into them. It is also safer for all members of the family because no chemical residues are left behind. To prevent mold and mildew from growing on bathroom surfaces, keep them dry. We recommend opening the windows for a few hours each day to facilitate proper air circulation and drying any remaining dampness with a terry cloth, towel, or squeegee.

If your bathroom surfaces have started to exhibit indications of degradation, don't give up. Experts at Sir Grout of Greater Boston know exactly what to do to make things right, using the most advanced grout sealing procedures. Call us at (781) 899-0388 or click on the "Schedule a Free Quote" button on this page to schedule a free consultation today. If you want to keep up with our latest news and promotions, subscribe to our newsletter.
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