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Grout Recoloring Spruces Up an Arlington Customer's Tiled Kitchen Floor

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November 05, 2015

Charles Everett's home went through what most family homes go through: decades of foot traffic from both humans and their 4-legged friends, moving furniture, hot summers, cold winters and everything else that goes into raising a family in Boston's historic suburbs. Just northwest of Cambridge, Arlington was the perfect place for Charles to raise his family and easily commute to work in downtown Boston. Over the years of heavy family use, Charles started noticing the wear and tear on his home. Most bothersome to him was the tile floor in his kitchen -- the once clean, shiny floor was slowly turning dull, discolored, and dirty from the years of cooking, foot traffic, and mildew.

Grout Recoloring Spruces Up an Arlington Customer's Tiled Kitchen Floor
While the tiles themselves were discolored, the grout lines were in much worse shape -- the once light-colored grout lines were now brownish, inconsistently-colored, and dry. To mitigate the years of dirt buildup, Charles tried cleaning the floor with over-the-counter cleaning products and agents. However, even the most strenuous of cleaning efforts seemed to be futile. It seemed as if the tile and grout were going to stay discolored and dull forever. After a recommendation from a friend, Charles searched for Arlington grout recoloring to find professionals who could help him fix his aging grout and revitalize his kitchen floor. He quickly found Sir Grout of Greater Boston. Charles did his due diligence, researching and reading reviews prior to committing. He quickly learned of the experience and excellent feedback clients have left over years, applauding Sir Grout's excellent service. Not hesitating any further, Charles called Sir Grout of Greater Boston, and explained his problem.

Charles Everett may have done his kitchen floor a disservice by attempting to clean grout with harsh chemicals and cleaning products -- the abrasive, acidic nature of some cleaning products can damage the old grout even further. As time passes, moisture, dirt, and mildew can damage grout, making the clean, neat grout lines look old and faded. Charles wanted his kitchen floor to look new again. Sir Grout of Greater Boston was ready to help him.

Upon arriving at Charles Everett's Arlington residence, Sir Grout's trained grout recoloring team analyzed the scope of the grout recoloring job, took several pre-treatment photos of Charles Everett's kitchen floor, and formulated a plan. Before beginning the grout recoloring process, Sir Grout's team steam-cleaned the kitchen floor, utilizing a proprietary method involving alkaline and neutral cleaning agents to help break down the years of dirt, grease, and mildew buildup. Upon completing the steam cleaning process, the team moved on to grout recoloring, utilizing ColorSeal. ColorSeal is a tinted sealer that both protects grout, and creates a brand new look for grout. The sealer aspect of ColorSeal both fills and removes all of the nasty, dirt-trapping pores found on grout. It creates a clean, fresh and water-resistant layer that protects grout, all the while creating the appearance of new grout. Sir Grout of Greater Boston turns to ColorSeal for commercial and residential grout recoloring jobs of various sizes and scopes -- Sir Grout considers ColorSeal one of the best sealers on the market.

Upon completion, Charles Everett's kitchen floor looked very different than it did earlier in the day. The tiles were cleaned, fresh, and new-looking, while the freshly-applied sealant gave the grout lines a light, off-white appearance to closely match the kitchen tiles. Charles was very happy with the result -- the job was a complete success!

When you feel like your grout has seen better days, perhaps it is time for grout recoloring. Turn to the Arlington area grout recoloring experts -- Sir Grout of Greater Boston. Fill out the form below to contact Sir Grout for a free evaluation today!

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