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From Gross to Gloss: How a Grout Cleaning Completely Surprised Our Clients in Boston, MA

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June 16, 2018

For the majority of people grout is simply not fun to deal with. Even the word itself is something they dread because they often feel it is hard to clean and stains easily. Our customer and his wife felt exactly the same way. Initially, his wife made sure to keep it clean on a constant basis but with the arrival of their baby, regular cleaning was no longer an easy task to do. The husband slowly started to notice how the grout in their bathroom floor kept deteriorating, giving it a dirty look. He tried buying products that he found online and even some homemade recipes, but none of them seemed to give him the desired outcome. Disappointed and ready to give up and seek out a service to have his floor replaced, he asked his neighbor if he knew of a reliable company to get the job done. After listening to his explanation, the neighbor told him that perhaps all he needed was a grout cleaning service for his bathroom floor. He recommended Sir Grout's Boston grout cleaning services.

Look How This Bathroom Tile Floor Was Renewed after a Grout Cleaning Job in Boston Massachusetts
They took their time to investigate our company by browsing the Sir Grout of Greater Boston website, and after seeing some of the testimonials and how pleased the customers were with the quality of the services provided, they decided to give it a shot and call us for a free consultation.

A couple of days after the appointment was made, our team of experts arrived at our clients' house to assess the situation in the bathroom. They noticed the grout had worn out, but there was not any kind of irreversible damage that would require replacing the bathroom floor entirely. This led our specialists to offer our customers what they needed: a well performed grout cleaning service. The homeowners were relieved to hear that, so they agreed to the offer and scheduled another appointment to have the job done.

Before leaving, our experts gave a brief explanation about why the grout looked the way it did. It takes proper handling to mix and apply grout. Everyone has to bear in mind that grout is porous, so improper application might lead to cracks and mold accumulation due to water seepage. Our clients were thrilled to know this was not the case for them. However, it was clear it was stained, and it had started to give in because they had not given proper maintenance. On top of not being cleaned regularly, our clients had used questionable methods to remove the dirt including soap-based products that do nothing but cause more damage over time. It is also worth noting that in their desperation, one of the homeowners had used a form of acidic solution which not only wore out their grout lines, but also discolored them.

On the day of the job, our team started the restoration process of our customers' floor. First off, they used their cleaning products along with a tool known as the high-speed scrubber to remove all the dirt that had accumulated across the grout lines. One of the sections of the surface in particular had accumulated so much grime that it was necessary to use a vapor-steam cleaner to completely remove it. After that, it was time to apply our proprietary ColorSeal to the grout. ColorSeal is an acrylic sealer that closes off pores to protect the grout from future damage and at the same time restores the grout's color, so it keeps its clean-looking appearance for years to come. Once that had been taken care of, our team used our own brand of Tile Armor, which is a water-based protector that keeps tiles and grout completely free of stains. This product is also a non-toxic product, which was one of the main concerns of our customers since their baby had begun to crawl around the house.

Once the team was done with the grout cleaning service, they showed our customers the results. They were amazed and content with their fresh-looking bathroom floor. The man said he had made the right choice when he reached out to Sir Grout of Greater Boston before doing anything drastic to their bathroom space, saving them a lot of money in unnecessary expenses. His wife was also pleased with the service, even saying, "What a difference! Thank you!" to one of our experts as he showed her the brand new-looking bathroom floor. We were very pleased with their reaction, which confirmed the intentions of Sir Grout of Greater Boston to exceed the expectations of all of our customers.

Are your floors in need of a change from fright to alright? Our experts at Sir Grout of Greater Boston are gladly willing to provide all the surface restoration services to make them look just right. Call us at (781) 899-0388 or fill the "Request a Quote" form to set up your appointment with us.

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