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Dull Slate Floor in Lincoln, MA Gets Its Shine Restored After a Stone Sealing Job

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July 07, 2016

Slate is a beautiful, natural stone favored by architects, builders, and homeowners for its versatility and ability to complement any room or space. This natural stone comes in many different colors, but one of the most beautiful and unique varieties is black slate. This homeowner had chosen black slate tiles for her kitchen because of the lavish and elegant look it added to the room. However, she had begun to notice that the once-beautiful slate floor now looked matte and dull and had lost its shine and natural appeal.

The customer knew that her best chance at regaining her slate floor and avoiding an expensive renovation was to look for a professional stone sealing service in Lincoln. She went online, found Sir Grout of Greater Boston's website, and decided to call after reading reviews and testimonials from other homeowners about the quality of service. So, she requested a free quote, and our team was happy to assist her.

When our professionals arrived at the customer's home, they proceeded to inspect the kitchen's slate floor. They immediately noticed that the stone had lost its shine and looked lifeless. There are a number of reasons why slate can lose its color and fade over time, including heavy foot-traffic, and improper cleaning agents and products. This situation only becomes worse if the slate floor is not properly sealed or if the original seal has worn away, which allows it to become discolored, stained, and etched. Slate is naturally very durable, but even though some types of slate are less porous than others, it will last longer if it's protected with a high quality sealer. The homeowner was wise enough to look for a professional hard surface restoration service before the damage had become too severe.

The team proposed cleaning, stripping, and sealing the floor to restore its shine and enhance its natural color. The sealers and waxes applied to slate can darken the stone's appearance, and they eventually lose their luster, which is why it becomes necessary to strip away the old layer of wax or sealer to restore the stone's natural beauty. This task can be difficult and requires skill and knowledge to be properly done, but the end results are amazing. The homeowner was pleased with the plan of action our team proposed and was excited to see the results. She was also relieved that she didn't need to replace her stone floor.

The day of the job came, and our team was ready for the challenge ahead. They started by chemically stripping the floor. Once that was done, they cleaned it with a stone-safe, non-toxic cleaner to make sure the slate tiles looked spotless. Then, they dried the entire floor. After these few steps, the slate floor already looked a million times better, but there was still one final step left that would bring back the slate's original color. So, our team applied Enhance & Seal to regain the deep color of the stone, recover the floor's shine, and protect it from damage.

The team was proud of the work that had been done, and they called in the homeowner so she could take a look at the results. She was very pleased to see that the slate's color had been revived and loved the floor's glossy finish. She appreciated the team's hard work and assured them that she would tell friends and family about their flawless work and recommend their services.

If you have slate floors, the best way to preserve their natural beauty is by sealing them. Furthermore, stone floors should be resealed every year. This will not only protect your stone floor, but will also make future cleaning a lot easier, since it prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the surface.

If your slate has lost its color or luster, it's probably in need of a stone cleaning and sealing service that can revive it. At Sir Grout of Greater Boston, we rely on highly trained professionals who can take care of your stone surfaces. If you live in Lincoln or surrounding areas, don't hesitate to contact us by calling (781) 899-0388. You can also subscribe to our newsletter. We look forward to serving you!

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