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A Bathroom in Arlington Was Transformed with Our Top-Notch Hard Surface Restoration Services

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February 02, 2024

A homeowner in Arlington struggled to restore the natural beauty of her bathroom surfaces. For years, the master bathroom had been her pride and joy, but at some point, stains became a fixture that no amount of cleaning could remove. The floor looked dark and muddy while soap scum left large spots all over the shower surfaces.

Tile Shower Before and After Our Hard Surface Restoration Services in Arlington
The bathroom still got enough care to look tidy, but the stains were hard to ignore. The homeowner talked about her concerns with her friends and they recommended trusting a qualified company in the area. Some of them brought out their positive experiences with Sir Grout of Greater Boston in the past, and that's how the homeowner first learned about our hard surface restoration services in Arlington. A quick Google search did the rest.

The homeowner was amazed by our online content, especially the results on display in our picture gallery. It wasn't hard for her to take the next step and contact our specialists. She requested an in-home evaluation and our techs responded with the efficiency you can expect from Sir Grout of Greater Boston.

Bathroom Floor Before and After Our Hard Surface Restoration Services in Arlington
As always, we arrived in uniform, and in our Sir Grout vehicle to her Arlington home, ready to begin the inspection. First, our team looked at the bathroom floor, taking note of the marks on the surface. The tiles at the center of the room looked darker from the embedded dirt, but the worst discoloration was on the grout. The grout lines took different shades of brown depending on the amount of soil and grime stuck to the pores, so the tiles' layout easily slipped the observer's perception when walking into the room.

The standing shower didn't fare much better. The soap scum stood out against the dark brown tiles and a sticky layer remained on the floor and parts of the wall. While all the grout lines were stained, the ones on the floor showed the worst signs of damage, with parts of the caulk growing loose from decay.

At the end of the inspection, our techs listed the problems at hand, starting with the amount of dirt that made its way to the grout once the sealant faded away. Unfortunately, regular cleaners eat the sealant and open the grout pores, making it easier for external elements to seep deep into the surface.

Additionally, the shower was exposed to soap and hard water on a daily basis, creating more chances for mold to grow between the tiles. Luckily, our specialists knew what to do about all of this. As they described the problem, they also went over the most effective solutions, namely Sir Grout's thorough restoration process. Once the client had an idea of what each step entailed, she didn't hesitate to schedule a new appointment with our crew.

Following her request, our specialists returned to her home only a few days later. They brought all the necessary equipment to revamp the shower and the bathroom floor on the same day, so there was no time to waste. For the first step, our techs applied a special cleaner to all the affected surfaces, using a high-speed scrubber to spread the product more effectively across the large bathroom floor. The shower corners required more attention to detail, so our specialists removed all the dirt by hand as it grew loose before vapor cleaning the entire shower area for good measure.

When it was time to restore the grout, they applied ColorSeal to all the grout lines on the shower walls and the bathroom floor. As per the client's request, our experts used a white sealant to make the grout pop. The effect really modernized the bathroom area, making the tiles' design much more striking and appealing. Our signature sealant doesn't stop at making the grout look nice; it also repels external elements to minimize the number of stains, making routine maintenance much more rewarding for homeowners.

To complete the shower's restoration, our specialists also regrouted all the seams with epoxy grout. This way, the shower would be better protected against moisture buildup and the structural damage that affects all hard surfaces over time.

Our crew invited the client back into the room after buffing off the bathroom floor and checking for any last-minute details. Her master bathroom looked better than it had in years, and the homeowner felt like our techs had brought life back to the shower. She loved how everything looked and took the time to praise our work at restoring the grout, remarking on how our techs managed to deliver such exceptional results in so little time. Before the end of the appointment, she was already planning to tell more people in Arlington about our restoration services.

Now, dealing with a soiled floor is hard enough. The homeowner didn't want the problem to repeat itself in different parts of her master bathroom, so she asked our techs for tips to improve her cleaning routine. Obviously, our specialists knew how to help. They started by recommending pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner to get better results all around. Combining high-quality ingredients for maximum cleaning power, our cleaner removes common shower stains in minutes, leaving the surface spotless without altering its color.

As our experts explained, non-abrasive tools are the best asset to complement the effectiveness of neutral formulas. A mop or a towel works to save time on a large floor while a squeegee is perfect to get precise results on your shower joints. Just remember to wash the tools in between cleaning sessions to avoid carrying the dirt from one surface to the next.

Lastly, we recommend keeping an eye on the house's ventilation system to ensure that everything's in order. There are fewer chances of mold and mildew when homeowners keep the air from becoming stale around their bathroom spaces.

Sir Grout of Greater Boston sets the standard for high-quality hard surface restoration. We harness decades of combined experience to bring thorough cleaning, sealing, and repair services straight to your doorstep, and the results will not disappoint. Don't get used to stains lingering on your bathroom's grout, and let our crew take care of the problem. You can call (781) 899-0388 or schedule a free quote online to ask for an appointment. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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