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Stone Honing Job in Lincoln, Massachusetts Freshens Up the Look of This Marble Bathroom Floor

April 07, 2016

When this Lincoln homeowner was looking for her dream home, she came across a house with a beautiful exterior, lovely garden, and master bathroom with a beautiful marble floor. She was immediately sold when she saw this last area of the house, and decided that this was the perfect home for her. As the years went by, the floor was subjected to high foot-traffic and started to lose its elegant and clean appearance due to discoloration. The homeowner attempted to remove the stains herself with harsh cleaning products that only further damaged her natural stone floor. Disappointed with the results, she was desperate to find a company that could bring back her marble floor before it was beyond the point of recovery. Thankfully, she found out about Sir Grout of Greater Boston's services on Facebook when one of her friends shared a post about our Lincoln stone honing services.

Stone Honing Job in Lincoln, Massachusetts Freshens Up the Look of This Marble Bathroom Floor

Marble is a very attractive stone that many homeowners want to have in their homes due to its luxurious appearance. Unfortunately, this stone has some natural and inherent problems. The homeowner wasn't aware that marble which is composed of calcium-carbonate is highly susceptible to acidic agents and is, therefore, easily dissolved by acids, even if they are diluted. So when the homeowner used harsh cleaning products to remove the dirt in the stone, she didn't realize it was only making the problem worse. Furthermore, when marble is exposed to moisture and foot-traffic in areas such as bathrooms, it can become discolored when dirt and grime adhere to the stone. This causes a dulling effect that obscures the original color of the marble. Our client's biggest fear was having to pay for an expensive renovation project. Luckily, it was a problem that could be fixed without having to sacrifice her entire floor.

On the day of the job, the Sir Grout technicians performed an inspection of the stained master bathroom floor. They dismissed the homeowner's fears immediately by explaining that it only needed to be properly cleaned so that it could be honed to restore its natural appeal. The customer was so relieved that she didn't need to say goodbye to her marble floor. The team got to work and proceeded to apply a pH-neutral cleaner with a soft brush vertical scrubbing system made for cleaning delicate stone floors. Now that the floor was clean and the stains were removed, the technicians started to hone the floor, which is the process of smoothing the stone to give it a fresh look. The homeowner decided that a honed/tumbled finish would be perfect since it gives the floor a smooth, matte look.

The homeowner was extremely satisfied with the results. She was astonished by the clean and delicate appearance of her floor, and the Sir Grout team was happy to have saved another floor from irreparable damage.

Before they left, the technicians reminded the homeowner to steer clear of cleaning agents that have acid components in them, and encouraged her to use a stone-safe, neutral cleaner instead to preserve the natural appearance of her stone floor. Since bathrooms are an area where foot-traffic is high, they also recommended to remove any shoes before entering so as to prevent dirt and grime from building up and becoming stuck in the pores of the marble floor.

If your stone floors are starting to look dull and stained, it's possible that you're using a cleaner that isn't appropriate for this type of surface. If you live in Lincoln or surrounding areas, fill out the form below to contact Sir Grout for a free evaluation today and enjoy an unparalleled stone honing service for your home or business! You can also find us on Facebook at Sir Grout of Greater Boston, and follow us on Twitter @SGGreaterBoston and Instagram @SirGrout.


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