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This Tile Shower in Wayland, Massachusetts Went from Dirty to Spotless with a Grout Cleaning and Sealing Job

May 27, 2016

When it comes to grimy and dirty grout lines, even the most elegant and appealing floor can look unattractive. When our customer first moved into his home, the tile shower was one of the most impeccable features of the property, but after years of constant usage and improper cleaning, the floor became stained and dirty. This made him extremely worried in his mind, the worst case scenario was having to pay for an expensive renovation, so he needed a solution that involved keeping the original tiles. Thankfully, one of his neighbors who had struggled with the same problem before told him to look up Sir Grout of Greater Boston's services online. Our customer was pleasantly surprised to see the positive reviews from other homeowners. This convinced him to call and schedule an appointment with us to see what could be done with his tile shower.

This Tile Shower in Wayland, Massachusetts Went from Dirty to Spotless with a Grout Cleaning and Sealing Job

Grout is essential for filling the spaces between tiles and securing tile to its base. Unfortunately, since grout is porous it can be highly absorbent, and can easily become stained or discolored when dirt or stain particles seep into its pores. The homeowner wasn't aware that the abrasive cleaners he had been using, like bleach, and household products such as vinegar and lemon which contain acid only cause the grout to deteriorate. Moreover, moisture and soap scum can cause grout to discolor and lose its original appearance. The homeowner was in need of a Wayland grout cleaning service that could eliminate this problem and prevent an expensive renovation project.

However, cleaning grout is not enough to preserve its appearance. Even under the best conditions, grout will become soiled and stained, which is why it is recommended that grout lines be sealed with a professional Wayland grout sealing service as soon as they are installed. This ensures that the grout lasts as long as the tiles and protects it against stains and dirt. Fortunately, this was a service that our team of specialists could provide to help the homeowner's tile shower remain spotless once it was cleaned.

When the Sir Grout technicians arrived to inspect the dirty tile shower, they immediately made a plan of action to restore it and assured the homeowner that the grout lines only needed to be cleaned and sealed to renew the shower's appearance. The first step involved cleaning the grout with a pH-neutral cleaner and using a high-speed scrubber and vapor cleaning system that removed even the most persistent dirt. The second and final step involved applying Sir Grout's proprietary ColorSeal to seal and protect the grout against stains and spills, so our customer could enjoy his shower without having to worry about damage down the road.

Our customer was so happy that the Sir Grout specialists were able to save the shower without having to sacrifice the entire floor. Likewise, our team was extremely pleased with the results, and the homeowner was extremely satisfied with the job done.

Before our team left, they reminded the homeowner that the best way to preserve the grout lines would be to reseal them every 12-24 months and to use pH-neutral cleaners instead of abrasive products with acidic components. They also recommended the homeowner to dry the surface after applying the cleaner with a rag or terry cloth to prevent the product from settling and leaving dirt behind.

If your tiles and grout lines are starting to look dirty and stained, it's possible that they are in need of a proper cleaning and sealing process. If you live in Wayland or surrounding areas, fill out the form below to contact Sir Grout of Greater Boston for a free evaluation today and enjoy an unparalleled grout cleaning and sealing service for your home or business! Remember to find us on Facebook at Sir Grout of Greater Boston, and follow us on Twitter @SGGreaterBoston and Instagram @SirGrout.

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