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This Brookline Village Family Avoids an Expensive Bathroom Remodel Thanks to a Grout Sealing Job

June 16, 2016

As time goes by, houses become shabby and dirty, mostly in busy areas that families use all the time. One of the busiest areas of a house is the bathroom, which suffers from a lot of usage and also damage from external agents that are impossible to avoid there, such as moisture and foot traffic. These agents lead to bigger problems, compromising the aesthetics of the room and even the health of your family. That was the situation in our customer's house. When he contacted us, his bathroom's grout lines were deeply stained due to heavy foot traffic and moisture, which concerned him very much.

This Brookline Village Family Avoids an Expensive Bathroom Remodel Thanks to a Grout Sealing Job

He had tried every homemade remedy he had been suggested, but nothing seemed to work. On the contrary, the situation worsened due to inadequate maintenance and abrasive products he had been applying to the grout lines, including lemon, vinegar, and baking soda, which deteriorated them. He was worried about having to remove and replace all the tiles to solve the situation. One day, when he was browsing the web to look for another solution, he found Sir Grout of Greater Boston's grout sealing service in Brookline Village, his hometown. He saw the testimonials on our website and after some research, he was convinced of the quality of our services, so he requested a free evaluation.

Grout is indispensable in tile installation as it secures tiles to the floor and walls. However, adequate maintenance is necessary to keep the charm and look of the first days after installation. Because of its porous nature, dirt particles can permeate the surface of grout. Moreover, if they are not quickly cleaned using the correct technique, they can leave a stain in your bathroom's grout. When Sir Grout arrived at the homeowner's property in Brookline Village, they evaluated the home to decide what the best procedure was for the situation.

The experts determined that there was persistent dirt in the bathroom and that it was necessary to eliminate it with a deep cleaning process and to then apply their proprietary grout sealant. As unsealed grout allows dirt and humidity to permeate itself, leaving stains in your bathroom grout lines, it is necessary to employ a specific cleaning method that sanitizes the surface as part of the restoration. This stage of the restoration used only pH neutral products, which are safe for both the grout and tile. After that, they went deeper, cleaning the homeowner's bathroom floor by using a machine that scrubs the grout gently but at a high speed. Finally, they used vapor steam to make sure they had completely eliminated the existing dirt and stains both on and under the surface.

The results were visible, nevertheless, the job was not finished. The best part was yet to come. They covered all the grout with ColorSeal, which protects and seals the grout from spills and stains. This water-based product rejuvenated all the grout lines in our customer's bathroom, and since it's non-toxic, his beloved family and Boston Terrier were protected.

When our Brookline Village team finished, the homeowner went to behold the final results. The moment he saw his new-looking bathroom, he stood in awe and could not stop thanking the experts. He was very surprised that a fairly simple procedure was able to save him from a complete and expensive remodel. He assured them he would recommend our grout sealing service to anybody in need of a better-looking bathroom floor.

Periodic deep cleaning is necessary to maintain these results. It can prevent stains formation and a soiled look. Also, remember that abrasive products are the first cause of grout line deterioration. It is always better to call people who can genuinely help you solve the situation.

If you need a grout sealing service in your bathroom and you live in Brookline Village or surrounding areas, get in touch with us by calling (781) 899-0388 or fill out the form below. Find us on Facebook at Sir Grout of Greater Boston, and follow us on Twitter @SGGreaterBoston and Instagram @SirGrout. We look forward to helping you!

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