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A Grout Cleaning and Sealing Service in Everett, MA Gave this Bathroom a Fresh, New Look

June 27, 2016

Having a clean bathroom is one of the most important things for any homeowner. This area usually gets cleaned a lot simply because the thought or sight of a dirty and unhygienic bathroom is the stuff of nightmares. What's frustrating for homeowners is when they clean their bathroom and shower regularly, yet they still look dirty. That was exactly this homeowner's problem. His tile bathroom floor and shower looked dirty no matter what he did, and the main reason was that the grout lines were grimy.

A Grout Cleaning and Sealing Service in Everett, MA Gave this Bathroom a Fresh, New Look
He tried many tips and tricks he had found online to clean his grout, but the results were underwhelming to say the least. He took this as a sign that his bathroom was in need of a professional grout sealing in Everett. So he searched online for a reliable hard surface restoration company and found our website in the top results. After reading testimonials from other customers, he knew that we would be able to help and gave us a call to schedule a free evaluation.

Most homeowners tend to waste a lot of time cleaning their bathroom's grout lines, simply because they seem to be perpetually dirty or discolored. So, they try to clean them with household products, including vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda, or even abrasive cleaning agents to try to bring back their clean and fresh look. This homeowner had done just that, but what he didn't know was that acidic substances and aggressive cleaners can deteriorate, discolor, and dissolve grout. Also, grout has a very porous surface because it is usually made with cement, allowing stains and dirt to settle in, which make the rest of the floor look dirty as well.

The homeowner was hoping that we could provide a comprehensive solution that would clean and also protect his grout from future damage. Thankfully our team knew exactly what to do. When they arrived to perform the inspection, they knew that it would be necessary to perform a deep cleaning service on the bathroom floor. Moreover, they would need to apply ColorSeal to the grout lines of both the bathroom and shower floor to protect them from stains and grime in the future, making it much easier for the homeowner to keep the bathroom as clean as possible.

A Grout Cleaning and Sealing Service in Everett, MA Gave this Bathroom a Fresh, New Look
Our team of experts arrived prepared to perform a thorough cleaning service on the bathroom floor, which would be the first step to restore the bathroom's pristine look. This would get rid of all the dirt and grime on the surface and in the grout lines. To achieve this, they applied a pH-neutral cleaning agent with a gentle scrubbing machine and then used vapor steam cleaning to make sure no traces of dirt were left behind. However, the grout lines needed one final touch to make them spotless: ColorSeal. Our proprietary sealant would give the grout an even color and protect it from stains, mold, mildew, and water, ensuring that the homeowner would not need to spend too much time cleaning his floors. Since the shower was also grimy, they applied the sealant to the shower floor to make it look bright and new.

The team had accomplished their mission, so they brought the homeowner in to take a look at the results. He was beyond happy the floor was sparkly clean and the shower looked spotless as well. He thanked our team for completing the job in such a timely manner and told us that if he ever needed any help with his hard surfaces, he would give us a call. This was extremely satisfying to hear, as earning our customers' trust is our number one priority.

To keep your grout lines in the best condition, Sir Grout recommends the use of neutral and soap-less cleaners, which means avoiding the use of cleaners with acid or ammonia since these can damage and discolor the grout lines.

Does your grout look grimy and discolored? You may need a grout cleaning and sealing service to freshen up your surfaces. If you live in Everett or surrounding areas and want to schedule a free evaluation, don't hesitate to give us a call at (781) 899-0388. You can also find us on Facebook at Sir Grout of Greater Boston, and follow us on Twitter @SGGreaterBoston and Instagram @SirGrout.

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